Venture Capital

Who do we investĀ in?

The rare finds. The underdogs. The independent thinkers and believers. Those whom are we like to partner with.

From idea to scale stage. We thrive when we find them.

What we search and value

We like to agreed in values before valuation. We value teamwork and openness, we offer experience and hands on work. Our team reflects in the companies we invest.

Who we are

Team players, serious workers, partners and passionate founders ourselves ready to help your journey as a founder. We believe in to help others.


Every company has his own set of needs. Our passion as investors is to understand your strengths and help you to build on them. Funding is just the tipping point. We can support in a range of activities from strategy to company structure to engineering and brand design.


We are a dedicated and powerful network of entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, CEOs, data scientists, marketing thought-leaders, seasoned operators and growth experts. We welcome you and include in our community.

Want to partner with us?

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